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Press release
26 January 2018
For immediate release
Ocusweep: a revolution in vision testing
Ocusweep®, an innovative Finnish test method, is shaking up the traditional way of
understanding and measuring vision. It is the first device in the world to measure and
deliver truly holistic information about vision performance in everyday situations. It helps
detect the initial effects of eye diseases before people even notice their vision is changing.
Traditional opticians’ eye tests usually only reveal the sharpness of vision. In everyday situations,
however, our vision needs to be more than sharp: it must also be clear, wide and fast.
“The idea was born when I was working with visually impaired children. Visual acuity gave
relatively little insight into the children’s ability to observe their surroundings, recognise faces and
facial expressions, or move and play. Instead, their visual performance was based more on how
functional their vision was,” says ophthalmologist Markku Leinonen, MD, PhD, developer of the
Ocusweep methodology.
Functional vision requires seamless collaboration between the eyes and the brain. It helps us
move, read and react in everyday situations, for example, in traffic and while playing sport.
From ground-breaking innovation to global business
Ocusweep aims to revolutionise traditional ways of testing eyesight and deliver a solution to the
global need for cost-effective high-quality vision testing.
“Around the world, vision testing is one-dimensional, focusing only on visual acuity and solving
problems with eyeglasses. Such a narrow understanding of vision performance is insufficient. We
have created a device that measures vision holistically, informed by scientific research,” Dr
Leinonen says.
Ocusweep is the only vision-measuring device that delivers information about the functioning of the
whole visual system. In addition to visual acuity, it measures contrast vision, visual field, and
reaction time. It can perform tests focusing on different aspects of vision: vision health, driving
vision, working vision and sports vision.
Early detection for early treatment
Thanks to the innovative Ocusweep technology, a single device can measure functional vision and
also detect vision defects that eye diseases, such as glaucoma and cataracts, may cause.
Progressive eye diseases often affect visual performance before people even notice their vision is
“Ocusweep is an efficient and cost-effective tool that enables optometrists to screen for eye
diseases. With the device, they are able to assess more accurately when patients may need to be
referred to an ophthalmologist for further tests. Proactively treating eye diseases is often both
efficient and economical,” Dr Leinonen says.

Ocusweep tests benefit both optometrists and customers. Optometrists obtain comprehensive
professional information about the customer’s vision. The customer receives a visualised report
presenting the test results in a clear, easily understandable format. The results can also be
compared to those of others in the same age group. Test results are stored in the Ocusweep
Cloud, where they are easy to access and monitor.
For further information, please contact:
Executive Vice President Pekka Silvennoinen, Ocusweep
Tel. +358 50 385 99 77, pekka.silvennoinen@ocusweep.com

The Finnish innovation Ocusweep is a vision testing system that provides holistic information about
vision performance. Ocusweep’s major owners include the inventor of the device, ophthalmologist
Markku Leinonen and around a dozen other eye specialists. The measuring methods and
algorithms used in the device have been granted several patents, and other patent applications are
pending. The system has attracted considerable international interest.