Test your functional vision and receive a visualised report presenting the test results in a clear, easily understandable format.

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Technology and data are revolutionising our understanding about ourselves and our health. Increasingly, we are curious to know more about ourselves and love to explore and measure our well-being and physical performance. Until now, our vision has only been measured in terms of how well we see at certain distances – yet there’s more to vision than meets the eye: perfect eyesight isn’t just sharp. It’s also clear, wide and fast.

The benefits of having a holistic view of our vision are undeniable. Ocusweep delivers holistic knowledge about our vision performance. This knowledge about how we really see in everyday situations can help us function better at life and at work. We can act and take precautions accordingly – whether it’s about work, driving or sports. Additionally, Ocusweep may even detect eye and brain related disorders and thus enable early treatment.