Is vision the most
 important of your senses?

Would you like to know how your vision really functions?


Traditional visual acuity measurements only reveal a small part of the functional ability of one’s vision. A tested good functional vision will allow you to act more safely, both at and away from work. In addition to visual acuity, the size of visual field, reaction time and contrast vision will affect your functioning in any situation. These and all the other functional aspects of vision, can now be tested at once with Ocusweep method. You will get the results in a clear and easy to understand way. Your results will also be saved in a personal Ocusweep vision account with which the monitoring of your vision in the future will be easy even via mobile.

Closest location for an Ocusweep test


The importance of functional vision is supported by strong and extensive scientific research


“Maintaining one’s functional vision is the ultimate goal of vision health care.

Understanding functional vision is particularly important, as many eye diseases are hidden and people don’t realize that they have a problem, as the brain will typically compensate early vision losses.

I am convinced that information about the functionality of vision will be highly valued by the patient.”

Professor David Crabb

Optometry and Visual Science, School of Health Sciences, City, University of London