It was nice to visit in Stockholm at Optikmässan at 24th and 25th of August. We were pleased to notice that people were really interested on testing one’s functional vision and felt it is important for them to understand how their vision performs in everyday life. People were even more delighted when they got their […]

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Come meet us at Optikmässan!


Traditional visual acuity measurements only reveal a small part of the functional ability of one’s vision. A tested good functional vision will allow one to act more safely, both at and away from work. In addition to visual acuity, the size of visual field, reaction time and contrast vision will affect one’s functioning in any […]

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Are you interested in knowing how well you see?
It is quite astonishing that so little is told to you about a person’s most sensual sense- their vision. Research data on the functioning of one’s own vision is of interest to people. 78% of people in England, and 74% in Sweden, would be interested in knowing how well their vision works, if someone would just tell them about it.

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