Because we want to see, how we see

At times, the world is an ugly place. Therefore we must make all the effort to see the tiny shreds of beauty in order to live life to its fullest. However, this is not just about what you see, but it’s about how you see. And knowing and understanding this can explain a lot and can also lead to solving a problem you did not know you had.

We live in a world in transformation – in a constant state of flux. We see new ideas evolving in places least expected. We get to be inspired by fresh thinking and unorthodox problem solving.

Technology has become a friend, not a complex stranger. We measure nearly everything – be it a necessity, for entertainment, or both. Instead of guessing, we know. Instead of pondering we set out to be precise, without losing our humanity. We just want to be on the driver’s seat.

The industry of vision technology will now benefit from its own major transformation. We call it Ocusweep. A technology, a system, which understands that we don’t only see with our eyes – but with our brain as well. An idea that has its origin in bringing more quality of life for children with disabled vision.

The purpose of Ocusweep is to give people a full understanding of their vision – beyond visual acuity – it’s much more than that. Simply put, it’s a full understanding of one’s visual performance delivered through an engaging experience.

This full understanding of vision is set to become a new standard. It will inspire – and be relevant for both seeing and health overall. And, to travel back to the very birth of the idea, for the quality of life – in a world with beauty both visible and hidden.

There’s more to vision than meets the eye.