OCUSWEEP Big Data on contrast sensitivity

Thursday November 14th, 2019


Vision is our most important sense, which enables us to perform our daily activities and be functional.

Clarity of vision is necessary in order to distinguish objects from their background. One needs to be able to perceive lights, shadows, and shades at ease. That is called contrast vision.

OCUSWEEP Big Data includes significant amount of measurement data on the functional vision of people.

Based on OCUSWEEP’s database regarding contrast sensitivity, we estimate that some 50 000 Finns do not distinguish the moose in the image below (reference: OCUSWEEP test pattern with 5% contrast on the right).

Further, it is estimated that more than one million Finns have difficulty distinguishing the moose in the image below (reference: OCUSWEEP test pattern with 2% contrast on the right).

Studies at the University of Alabama in the United States show an 8-fold increase in the risk of traffic accidents if the contrast vision is severely impaired.

Close to 15% of people over the age of 60 in Finland have an increased risk of traffic accidents due to impaired contrast vision, based on the information and test results in OCUSWEEP’s database.

Perfect vision isn’t just sharp. It’s also clear, wide, and fast.