OCUSWEEP Big Data on reaction time

Tuesday December 17th, 2019


Vision is our most important sense, which enables us to perform our daily activities and be functional.

Reaction time based on vision is the rate at which the brain processes visual stimulus that results in actions based on such perceptions. That is called vision-based reaction time.

OCUSWEEP Big Data includes significant amount of measurement data on the functional vision of people.

Driving is one of the activities where reaction time really matters. Fast reaction time results e.g. in a better chance to avoid collisions when something unexpected happens on the road.

Based on OCUSWEEP’s database regarding reaction time, an average young driver may drive safely at the speed of 100 km/h under normal conditions, whereas an average elderly driver should drive remarkably slower due to his/her slower vision-based reaction time.

However, the test results are always individual and those who are fastest among the oldest have shown faster results than the slowest among the youngest in the reaction time tests.

Good functional vision is critical for a safe driving performance and prolonged reaction time should be considered e.g. via longer safety margin to other cars for improved road safety.

Perfect vision isn’t just sharp. It’s also clear, wide, and fast.