Medical benefit – Ocusweep

Effective and easily available screening of functional vision is key for detecting eye diseases and getting early treatment for them. This is particularly important for people 40 and over, as they can be impacted by a disease without them knowing there is any problem with their vision, especially if risk factors for eye diseases exist. Functional vision can deteriorate as a result of eye diseases or brain diseases. We don’t only see with our eyes, but our brain as well. Measuring one’s functional vision and knowing the rate of deterioration in case of disease is essential information when assessing one’s ability to work or drive a car at an older age.

Furthermore, it is important for the society to be able to measure how the treatment of various eye diseases can improve functional vision. As a result of the measurement, resources of the society can be allocated to effective treatments. Nowadays, this kind of measuring is done only in exceptional cases.

With Ocusweep method and its cloud service, functional vision can be measured with one cost effective device. In disease monitoring, an eye specialist can take responsibility for treatment in his or her unit, but the patient can take vision tests at the nearest optician or at primary health care. The patient’s own test results at his vision health account establish a personal baseline which can be followed up and compared with when new tests are made. This way, early signs of deterioration can be detected.

In addition to visual field, Ocusweep can measure visual acuity, contrast sensitivity and reaction time. Measuring visual acuity with Ocusweep is objective and independent of the operator, unlike most current methods. Contrast sensitivity test can also detect vision problems or diseases that cannot be found in general vision examinations by opticians today.

Ocusweep’s patented reaction time field test measures the function of the whole visual system. Visual reaction time and perception speed are useful measures for example when assessing the driving ability of elderly people. It also provides a unique opportunity for monitoring performance training and rehabilitation for athletes. The comprehensive measurement of functional vision with Ocusweep method gives information also about the suitability of a person to various job functions or sport performances requiring specific visual abilities.