European patent granted to Ocusweep for Speed of Sight -test method


Ocusweep has received a positive allowance notification from European Patent Office to grant a patent to Speed of Sight -test method (“METHOD FOR ASSESSING FUNCTION OF THE VISUAL SYSTEM AND APPARATUS THEREOF”). Previously a patent for the method has been granted also in United States, Japan and China. Human sight is a complex function of […]

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US patent application accepted to Ocusweep for algorithm for fast measurement of vision


Algorithm for fast measurement of vision developed by Ocusweep has been accepted as US patent (TESTING AND DETERMINING A THRESHOLD VALUE). Testing of vision (e.g.visual acuity and contrast sensitivity) have traditionally needed assistance from test personnel and manual interpretation of the test subject’s answers and manual reporting. Automatic algorithms used previously for this purpose are […]

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OCUSWEEP strengthens its IPR


  A patent for ambient light visual field analyzer has been granted to Ocusweep in the US. It is a method to implement visual field analyzer that works in normal room lighting with help of ambient light sensors. Ocusweep is the only device which can measure the whole visual field (not just the center) without […]

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OCUSWEEP Big Data on reaction time


  Vision is our most important sense, which enables us to perform our daily activities and be functional. Reaction time based on vision is the rate at which the brain processes visual stimulus that results in actions based on such perceptions. That is called vision-based reaction time. OCUSWEEP Big Data includes significant amount of measurement […]

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