OCUSWEEP is devoted to finding intelligent ways to test vision health and inspires people to get a true understanding of their visual capabilities.


The Snellen chart instantly takes us back to our first visual acuity test in early childhood. Some may have also tried to figure out what are the various digits in their eyeglass prescriptions – without ever coming to a real understanding of what they mean.

This one-dimensionality of vision testing was something that bothered our vision researcher, eye doctor and Doctor of Medicine, Mr. Markku Leinonen.

Mr. Leinonen first became interested in functional vision and visual performance when working with visually impaired children and adults. While ophthalmologists were focused on treating eye diseases and optometrists on performing vision acuity tests, nobody had really given that much thought to the role of vision in our overall well-being.

This was particularly odd since vision is known to be our most important brain function – conveying 80% of the messages regarding our environment to our brain. Basic healthcare provided no tools to measure this phenomenon.

Mr. Leinonen realized how important it was to accurately understand the eye movements as a part of the whole visual function of a human being. Vision isn’t just seeing. It’s much more than just measuring how well we can see at certain distances. It’s also about how well we can take advantage of our sight in order to move, react and read and it helps us succeed in our daily activities at home, at work, at sports, etc.

In the absence of adequate tools, Dr. Leinonen decided to innovate and develop a method that will facilitate a quick but reliable examination of functional vision.



Today, Mr. Leinonen’s innovation has begun to revolutionize the understanding of vision measurements – and our ability to observe and make vision-based decisions. The diverse data that OCUSWEEP provides about the eye movements, acuity of vision, size of visual field and reaction time has opened a range of possibilities in the field of holistic healthcare. The tests accumulate a database that can be utilized to observe and monitor brain injuries and dementia and measure cognitive performance in future.

Effective and easily available screening of functional vision is the key for detecting eye diseases and getting early treatment for them. This is particularly important for people of 40 years of age and older, especially if any risk factors for eye diseases exist, since such persons can be impacted by a progressive disease without them knowing there is any problem with their vision.

Functional vision can deteriorate as a result of eye or brain disease. We don’t only see with our eyes, but with our brain as well. With the OCUSWEEP method, functional vision can be measured with one accurate and reliable device. The test results at the patient’s personal vision health account establish a baseline which can be followed up and compared with when new tests are made. This way, early signs of deterioration can normally be detected in time.



OCUSWEEP is a Finnish medical device company developing and marketing novel and innovative solutions for the examination of the human neuro-visual system. OCUSWEEP is devoted to finding intelligent ways to test vision health and inspires people to get a comprehensive understanding of their visual capabilities.

OCUSWEEP system assesses the functioning of the whole visual system, including the efficacy of the eye movements. The concept combines the functionality of several separate measurement equipment into one compact device that is client-friendly, non-invasive and easy to use. The system has unique and patented measurement algorithms that guarantee the reliability of the tests.