Innovation in functional vision earns this year’s prize

Monday January 14th, 2019

Ocusweep has been awarded this year’s prize for significant achievement in the field of optometry. The award, by the Finnish Association of Vision and Eyecare, is an important recognition of Ocusweep’s pioneering role in the examination of functional vision.


The Finnish Association of Vision and Eyecare (NÄE ry) and the national association of optometrists in Finland annually award a prize for the Optometrist of the Year and another for a significant achievement in the field of optometry (Vision Achievement of the Year prize).


The prize for achievement is awarded to a person, a company or a community that has, in a special manner, promoted the importance of good vision or made different ideas and solutions relating to good vision known to a wider public. This year, Timo Juurinen was chosen as the Optometrist of the Year, and the achievement prize went to Ocusweep.


”Ocusweep has, in a short period of time, managed to consolidate its position as a supplier of vision examination equipment for Finland’s opticians”, says Panu Tast, Managing Director at the Finnish Association of Vision and Eyecare in his communiqué on the motives behind this year’s selection.

”The technology is also rapidly evolving into an international export success”.


”The awards for 2018 clearly reflect a strong renewal of the business”, says Tast in his communiqué. ”Digitization, demographic trends and other mega trends affect both commerce and healthcare. We want to raise the profile of positive factors that, in the midst of transition, create new possibilities that will benefit the whole industry”.