EGRET & EGRET+ Workshop in Finland was a major success


  OCUSWEEP hosted an important workshop for EGRET researchers on September 9th-13th 2019 in Turku, Finland. One of the research subjects in the EGRET (the European Glaucoma Research Training) programs is the effect of glaucoma on the drivers’ operational vision. People are often not aware of problems with their vision since the brains tend to […]

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EGRET & EGRET+ Workshop in Finland on September 9th-13th 2019


  Ocusweep is hosting a workshop for EGRET researchers in Turku during this week. A person’s functional vision can be evaluated with the Ocusweep method even in the event of eye disease. For example, in order to assess whether it is safe for a person to drive, it is critical to first assess the patient’s […]

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Innovation in functional vision earns this year’s prize


Ocusweep has been awarded this year’s prize for significant achievement in the field of optometry. The award, by the Finnish Association of Vision and Eyecare, is an important recognition of Ocusweep’s pioneering role in the examination of functional vision.   The Finnish Association of Vision and Eyecare (NÄE ry) and the national association of optometrists […]

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It was nice to visit in Stockholm at Optikmässan at 24th and 25th of August. We were pleased to notice that people were really interested on testing one’s functional vision and felt it is important for them to understand how their vision performs in everyday life. People were even more delighted when they got their […]

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