Functional vision

In order for a person to have quick and accurate visual perception, he or she needs to have a sufficiently broad and faultless visual field together with immaculate eye movements. Good functional vision requires seamless collaboration of the eyes and the brain.

The eyes of a human being are born to move. Our eyes move several times per second. However, our visual perceptions are not limited to the direction of our look – in other words, our sharp vision area. Our brain receives information from the whole area of the visual field while planning the next eye movement.

An attentive person is constantly observing his surroundings with the help of visual field, sharp vision area, eye movement, identification of targets and visual decision making. This team play creates a person’s perception field.

Ocusweep measures the function of the visual system with practical tests. Measuring functional vision with Ocusweep gives information about the suitability of a person to various job functions, or sports, requiring specific visual abilities.

For the purpose of early detection of possible eye diseases, it is vital that the test results are recorded in a Personal Visual Health account to make later comparison easy.